French expatriate Verner Degray settled in Tahiti after falling in love with the island about ten years ago. However, instead of curvaceous women, carved gods or cutouts of palm fronds, Degray's photography has focused on the objects of his desire: handsome, athletic Tahitian men. Degray had this to say about his photography: “I'm like a painter with a brush. I'm not a reporter, I'm a photographer. I will not take 8,000 photos to finally produce only two good ones.” But there will be plenty of ‘good ones,’ nude male figure photos, on display in the Verner Degray Exhibit opening at Las Vegas’ Erotic Heritage Museum, in summer 2015.
Mateo Armand is a French photographer based in Paris. He has been involved in Male Photography for over 5 years now, and his photos are more often than not published in reviews and magazines. Though he is always « pushing the limit », his work is somewhere on the edge but never crosses the line and remains artistic. He is seeking for the most subtile poses to disclose all the manhood of the models.
You can follow him daily on Instagram (@mateographie) and his work is available as exclusive prints (limited edition) here :
"Since I had my first camera, before I even started to have what the artists call a personal search, I very quickly took to photograph the body of the man. Because it was taboo when I started my work in the early eighties and is still heavily criticized, although we are trying to say today, the masculine nude has become one of the goals of my work. Sometimes very plastic photos exhibited in many galleries in France and abroad, sometimes more sensual photos."
Bruno is a Parisian amateur photographer came late to photography. Far from its core business ( doctor ) he specialized in the male nude . Working mainly in the studio , he uses light to draw the body and muscles of his models as a sculptor tool, it is also greatly inspired by the themes for its sculptors of antiquity or the Renaissance.
"I started very early in the photo. Probably like many, with a small device that had offered me my parents. I loved it. I photographed everything I could: my friends, my family, my stays on vacation. Later, naturally, I turned to the photo and film studies, always with the desire, the urge to photograph my surroundings.The spectacular scenery that is given to me to contemplate scenes of ordinary life, I discovered in the street. And the beauty! The raw beauty of men I meet randomly my meetings. Carnal beauty, sensual, boys my goal just enter in everyday life.The camera then becomes the close link between the model myself, just for a moment, just a split second to reach the sublime. Through this site, I expose myself to your eyes, like my models are exposed to mine. I like the light, and the pictures "situation". My models are not statues. They are just boys, with their feelings, their emotions, their look, which inflame us when we lay eyes on them."
"After several years of urban, landscape and animal photography, I lately started shooting models.
Sensuality and contrasts of curves are elements that awaken my creativity and motivate me to highlight male beauty whichever the place or theme chosen.
I like to share the project with the model and the other partners, make them participate in the storyboard writing, and listen to their suggestions. This, in my opinion, is the most effective, and loveliest, way to get the most from the shooting situation, and capture male beauty at its peak.
I have always been attracted to contrasting results and so can choose color or black-and-white photography according to inspiration".
"After a long career as active free lance photographer for the national and international press, I would like to invite you to benefit from my 23 years of professional experience. Although I still continue working worldwide... I'm inspired by the typical Glamour lighting of the great Hollywood area from the fifties and sixties and mainly used for black and white images or movies."
This spanish celebrity photographer understands like no oyher pulling the trigger on erotic photography of men. It's a successful author one fof the most successful fashion brands ES. His photobook "Rebels" featuring the boys of Bel Ami Studio is an incredible success. The resulting works of Juan Crisol are extremely convincing. His men are masculine, striking and although they hardly ever bear all you can still detect the fire burning just below the surface on every photography. See the last works on and buy his books in your store.
John Hart, a photographer based in the South of France (near Marseille and Toulon) began the photo almost by chance when the owner of the clothing store he worked for asked him a few shots of a model. The exercise pleases and soon requests tributary to the point of making his job. Today, his camera lens captures the finest male models and works with many modeling agencies.
Daniel Nassoy discovered photography by photographing Paris in black and white and silver developing his own pictures.
The trajectory of "photo'graphiste" Daniel Nassoy began with the creation simple ways - some lights, a black curtain - a small nocturnal theater where he explores the nude male body. Many models lend themselves to this fantasy game, where he goal holds up a mirror to the desires and dreams of each.
Since 2014 he works on a series of demands "Body Maps" to support the fight against homophobia and rejection and condemnation of LGBT people: "the work that I suggest is a photographic work of nude male with inlay flag and map of countries where the death penalty is still applied when one is gayor transsexual.
I also work in other countries where there is still much to do for most. The country where we "heal" homosexuals using drugs, imprisonment or sessions psy! Countries where gays can marry but with part of the retrograde population tries constantly go back.
The cards then become the veins of the body or sometimes bruising in which they are found embedded".
French Alexandre Ferrari is a self-taught photographer. Lorrain of origin, it is divided between Paris and Burgundy. Specializes in male nude, he will share is passion for photography, thanks to which he expresses his creativity, ideas and emotions.
"I grew up between Martinique and Paris, but have been in the UK for over 10 years. My work is mainly centred on male fashion and fitness photography.
What interests me the most is representing the diversity of contemporary modern living and the changes in masculine imagery with regards to not just fashion but physical appearance as a whole. Irecently returned to university to study industrial design just to broaden my horizon.
Wong Sim is a photographer from Indonesia. His works have been published on Elle, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Daman, Prestige, Clara, Philipine Tatler, Her World, Adon Magazine (New York) Muscle & Fitness (UK) among other. "My influences in photography are from famous photographers such Tony Duran, Bruce Weber, Steven Meisel, Richard Avedon, Because & Marcus and many more. They’re my inspiration to get better and better".
"From San Francisco to Costa Rica via Miami, I’ve been a professional photographer since 1997 and I like to think of myself as a classic photographer in how I style & shoot. I don’t put on a big production. I find keeping it simple allows me to create timeless photographs. I try to create new and different images each time I go out with my camera."
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